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It is located in the region of the Pacific Coast. In hot weather, this State offers interesting natural attractions and stunning cities with great tradition and culture, such as the seaport of Mazatlán, where you can enjoy the harmonious blend of the traditional architecture of its Historical Downtown and the beautiful beaches, becoming the most important tourist attraction of the State.

Situated in the northwest of México, Sinaloa is a rich State in natural resources, especially when we talk about the food industry. It´s a major vegetable exporter, as it has eleven rivers that are responsible of the irrigation of their farming valleys, being agriculture the main economic activity.

The list of attractions is endless; there is great activity not only about arts and sports, but also entrepreneurship has been increasing in recent years and has enable progress at its best capabilities of both the State and its people, all this since it has improved its infrastructure in order to achieve an integrated development.

Its capital city, Culiacán, has an average height of 53 meters above sea level. It is located mid-state, parallel to the southern tip of the Gulf of California. It is situated east of the municipality of Navolato, north-west from the town of Cosalá and south of the city of Badiraguato. States bordering Sinaloa include Sonora to the north, Chihuahua to the north-east, Durango to the east and Nayarit to the South.

According to the general population census conducted in 2010, the State of Sinaloa had a population of 2,767,761. The capital city of Culiacán accounts for approximately 31% of the state‟s population, with 858,638 residents.

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