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In 1874, The Lyceum Rosales changes its name to Colegio Rosales when they move the college from Mazatlán to Culiacán. With it, the college chooses to introduce new vocations, offering careers in Surveying, Topography, Hydrology, Law, Accounting, Chemistry and Education.

In 1918, following the Mexican Revolution the Colegio Rosales becomes the first and original Universidad de Occidente. The State General Governor Ramon F. Iturbe proposed autonomy in order to give the university the legal capacity to not only project their own academic objectives but to also manage and govern their assets.

Universidad de Occidente changed its name in 1922 to Colegio Civil Rosales, which was nourished by the regime of autonomy, the atmosphere of freedom and the academic tradition of its predecessors. Later, in 1937 it became the Universidad Socialista del Noroeste, which supported the great social reforms of that time. In 1941, the Universidad Socialista del Noroeste became Universidad de Sinaloa.

In 1965, the institution recovered and reinstated autonomy which was abolished in 1937. It is at this time with its new legal order; that the Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa was renamed for the final time.

During the sixties and seventies the University endured through intense student, teacher and worker demonstrations. However, by 1977 the movement was able to restore the institution to greater standards; strengthening cultural attitudes, performance planning and overall improvement of the University. UAS became increasingly committed to quality education and Sinaloa society, under the slogan: „Academic Achievement and Social Commitment.‟

The standardization process, from the inauguration of the University up until this point, is evident in its efforts to employ competent professors, expand scientific research, create a post-graduate level, deepen cultural extensions, and at the same time reorganize the administrative and financial structures of the institution.

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